Why so careful?

To those who do not care for small children with type 1 diabetes, it may seem that I’m going overboard with the detail in my carb counting.  However, this is the level of detail that I find necessary.  I’m feeding a small child who sometimes eats meals as small as 15 grams of carbs.  To be off by three grams of carbs would mean an error of 20% in carb total, and so 20% in her insulin dose.

When we eat at restaurants, I obviously don’t have this degree of accuracy, because I’m not going to bring a scale and measuring cups with us.  I just estimate fractions by eye, and do my best.  I often will check blood sugar about 2 hours after insulin to check for a low just in case I was off by a lot.

Just like nutrition and parenting, in carb counting I do the best that I can and then try to let go of the things I can’t do quite right.  It’s the overall pattern that matters more than any specific instance.  Our wonderful diabetes team has set up a structure that will catch any errors before they can harm my wonderful child.

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