Ok, so all parents understand part of this frustration.  You work hard to make delicious, healthy food for your family,… and then one of the kids doesn’t like it, and lets you know this in no uncertain terms.  Maybe they even refuse to try it.  Positively maddening.

However, for those of us caring for small children with diabetes, this frustration can get even worse.  Not only  have we put in the time to cook a meal, but we’ve also spent the time and care to carb count it.  The cooking also benefits the rest of the family.  We even get to enjoy the food.  The carb counting is only for the sake of this one child.  And then they won’t eat the food.

I could suggest philosophical resignation… It’s good practice carb counting.  However, that doesn’t make me feel any better.  What does make me feel better is to remember that it’s my job to take care of this precious little one, and even if she won’t eat this food, I had to be prepared in case she did.  I’m glad to do what I must to take care of her.  This same determination (it’s not just an emotion) that gets me through the 3am alarm clock for a night check can get me through this frustration.

(I know some families would push harder than I do to require a child to eat what is provided.  I’m not willing to do that, because it’s hard enough for a child with type 1 diabetes to have a healthy food attitude without the added pressure.)

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