Hunting down my favorite foods

I grew up in the Chicago area, so there are three foods that I really miss living anywhere else:

  • stuffed pizza
  • italian beef sandwiches
  • gyros

Years ago I found a recipe that mimics most of my favorite stuffed pizza place.  The tomato sauce is the only part I haven’t yet got quite right.  A few weeks ago I started trying to find a solution to the other two.  On the italian beef, I found a recipe to start with, but it just wasn’t right.  I need to find some other recipes and try again.

The gyros I’ve come close to finding a solution to.  I’ve now tried to make them twice.  Both times I used all lamb and followed Alton Brown’s recipe.  Both times it was good, but far enough off to be exasperating.  There was a funny ‘farm-like’ taste.

After the second unsatisfactory attempt tonight, I spent some time on the internet.  I found a website for my favorite gyros place, and they list the provider of their meat.  I then found that provider’s web site, and all their gyros logs use more beef than lamb!  That’s what we’ve been tasting.  I think next attempt I will try the recipe as written, except use half beef and half lamb.

I also have a tzaziki sauce recipe that I keep adjusting until it is just right.

Once I get the recipes just right, I’ll post again with them.

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