Foods I’m not sure how to carb count

So far, I’ve been sharing about things that I have worked out a good way to count carbs.  Today I’m going to look at a few things that I don’t have a good answer about yet.

  • marinated meat (I can count the carbs in the marinade, but I’m not sure how to decide how much stuck to the meat)
  • beef stew (the total amount is hard to measure)
  • Greek yogurt (I don’t know if the carbs end up in the whey or in the Greek yogurt)

Homemade soups and cassaroles are also difficult.

It seems that the things that can make carb counting hard are the following:

  • part of the food doesn’t get used
  • the total recipe is too large to conveniently measure

Of course, the other issue is for a mixed food like a cassarole or soup where a small child might pick through and only eat some parts.

For others who are struggling with similar issues, the best suggestion I can make is to take your best estimate.

What do others struggle with how to carb count?

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