What milk is ideal?

I posted a few days ago about why we don’t drink organic milk.  This post is meant to balance that.

The minimum standards I have for milk, in addition to freshness, are rbst free and not ultra-pasteurized.  This level of ‘pickiness’ I do not have trouble meeting.

Other things that I would like are the following:

  • low heat/vat pasteurized (a few dairies still do this, it’s even a slower and lower heat process than standard pasteurization)
  • not homogenized (this is a different process than pasteurization.  Pasteurization is heating to kill pathogens.  Homogenization is breaking up the fat particles so they stay suspended)
  • reduced use of antibiotics (not quite as strict as organic; I mean that a cow is only given antibiotics when sick, and the milk is not used until a few days after the cow is no longer on the antibiotics)

I would consider the following to be nice, but probably too expensive:

  • organic
  • cows eat grass in a pasture during the summer
  • local, small dairy where I can see where the milk comes from

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