Weston Price

While looking up something else on the internet today, I stumbled back on the website of the Weston Price Foundation.  Again, I found that I almost couldn’t see what they said that was right because they were so heavy-handed.

Things about which they are right:

  • Saturated fat is important, not the enemy.
  • Whole milk and eggs are important, healthy foods for many people.
  • Trans fats are the enemy.
  • The current nutritional guidelines push us to consume too much grain.
  • Many people consume too much processed sugar.
  • Soy is also a food that is unhealthy if much of it is eaten.

However, they entirely ban many foods.  I think any plan of eating that forbids anything has gone off track.  Other specifics I can’t agree with them about:

  • I think even industrial, ultrapasteurized skim milk is better than no milk.
  • Most people do not need supplements, such as cod liver oil
  • No food should ever be banned in a meal plan,  Instead, the less healthy things should be eaten less often.
  • I think coffee, tea, and chocolate are fine in moderation.
  • I think cake, pie, and any other sweet treat we crave is fine in moderation
  • I don’t think it is necessary to sprout all grains.
  • I think that the breast milk of any woman whose body is able to make milk is still healthier for her baby that any formula made from another species’ milk.
  • The occasional consumption of fried foods is OK, particularly if you fry it yourself without canola or soybean oil.
  • I use a microwave.  However, I try to avoid cooking acidic or fatty foods in plastic containers in the microwave.
  • Any meat, even meat from current large conventional farms, is better than no meat .

What I say here is not meant to minimize the important work that Mary Enig did to make sure we are aware of the dangers of transfats.  This particular group’s nutritional philosophy is just too extreme and too rule based for me.

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