kitchen tools for carb counting

To go along with my posts on the basics of carb counting, I thought I would talk about some of the tools that I use frequently in cooking while carb counting for diabetes care.

The one device that many home cooks don’t have that I couldn’t live without is my digital scale.  Mine is intended for baking, so all it gives me is the weight, to the nearest gram or nearest 1/8 oz.  It does not try to count carbs for me.  I had it for several years before my child’s diagnosis for baking, but then I used it about once a week.  Now I use it on average about 5 times a day.  I even use it to measure sandwich spreads.

I also have a more generous supply of volume measuring devices than most.  I have two sets (exactly the same so they are interchangeable) of metal dry measuring cups.  I also have several different liquid measuring cups, including the Emsa Perfect Beaker.

These are the only tools that I would say are influenced by the carb counting.

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