What is real food?

I explained this in a post here.

What is type 1 diabetes?

This is also contained in a post here.

Who is this blog written for?

This blog is written to me six months after my child  was diagnosed.  At that point I was starting to be less overwhelmed with diabetes, so I wanted to move back toward cooking the way I did before diabetes.  However, the information on carbohydrate counting while baking and cooking from scratch seemed to be very slim.  I’m hoping this blog can reach others at a similar point.

What is the purpose of this blog?

I want to provide information to people who enjoy cooking and want to cook from scratch, but need to count carbs in their homemade food.  I’m thinking about how much a blog like this would have meant to me six months or a year after my toddler was diagnosed with diabetes.  Although I had support from a wonderful nutritionist, I needed information on specific tricks that she couldn’t provide.

This blog also serves a secondary purpose.  I’m using this blog as a means of self expression and creativity.  When I come up with a new recipe that works, I want to share it.

Why don’t you include other nutrition information?

I only include carb totals because this is all that my family uses.

Why was my comment removed?

A post can be removed for bad language, being disrespectful of others, containing dangerous misinformation, or for any other reason.

How can I contact you?

I can be reached at:  Christine at realfood.geek-den.net

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